Power Cable Design

This sample demonstrate how to use QuickField calculation from within the Microsoft Word environment. Please download archived Cable word document and open it with MS Word 2000. While opening the document you will be asked by Word whether you want to enable macros in the Cable.doc document. Please, choose Enable Macros to be able to run the embedded program.

If you do not see this question, probably your Word works with the security level that is not set to Medium. For more information about changing the security level with MS Word please refer to Microsoft Office 2000 Help, the topic "Protection from documents that might contain viruses".

The Cable example covers following topics:

The Cable.doc is a self-descriptive document, so there is no need to say more about it there. Please open the document, read the introductory chapter, fill in the tables with geometrical and physical parameters, press the Solve button and observe the calculation results.

Caution: The macro script embedded in the document relies upon its structure. So, be careful if you decide to change the document in some way. Particularly, you should not change the number of rows and columns in the tables and the order that tables and figures appear in the document.