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Application Object




Contains general information about a QuickField application.


Represents the entire QuickField application. The Application object contains:

Using the Application Object

Generally, the first thing you want to do in your program is starting the QuickField server. You can do it in a following ways:

  1. CreateObject function

    Dim QF As QuickField.Application
    Set QF = CreateObject("QuickField.Application")

    The CreateObject function runs the QuickField and returns a reference to the Application object. The reference returned is stored to the QF variable for the future use. If your application does start the QuickField, you are responsible for ending it after use. To do this you have to free all the references to QuickField’s object and the use the Quit method:


  2. GetObject function.

    The GetObject function allows you to obtain a reference to the QuickField application that is already running

    Dim QF1 as Object
    Set QF1 = GetObject(,"QuickField.Application")

    When we have finished working with QuickField you have to free the reference to QuickField application in the following way:

    Set QF1 = Nothing

  3. New keyword.
    New is a Keyword that enables implicit creation of an object.

    Dim QF2 As New QuickField.Application

    If you use the New keyword you do not need to use Set statement to initialize the reference to QF2 variable.


Usually you get the first reference to an Application object using the CreateObject or GetObject functions. Furthermore some other QuickField objects provide an Application property that returns a new reference to the parent Application object. When you are finished working with a variable, that contains a reference to an Application object, you have to free it:

Dim prb as QuickField.Problem
Dim Qf1 As QuickField.Application
Set Qf1 = prb.Application
Set Qf1 = Nothing