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FieldPointES Object




Local field data for electrostatic problem.


The FieldPointES object represents a field data in the given point for the electrostatic problem. The FieldPointES object is based on the general FieldPoint object and inherits all its properties and methods. In addition the FieldPointES object offers some properties specific for the electrostatic problems. The most important of them is the GradE property that returns the gradient of the electric field vector. The value returned by the GradE property is a symmetrical tensor with three components. It is represented by type HMatrix.

The FieldPointES object also provides friendly names for properties of the base FieldPoint object.

You get the FieldPointES object in the same way you get the base FieldPoint object. If your problem is electrostatic, each time you get the FieldPoint object, you actually receive its specific version FieldPointES.

All properties of the FieldPointES are read-only.

GradE property as HMatrix

The gradient of the electric field intensity vector.

U property as Double

The scalar electric potential (voltage) in (V). The same as Potential.

E property as Point

The electric field intensity vector in (V/m). The same as Grad.

D property as Point

The electric displacement vector as Point in (C/m2). The same as KGrad.

Permitivity property as Double

The absolute electric permittivity in (F/m)