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FieldPointSA Object




Local field data for stress analysis problem.


The FieldPointSA object represents field data in the given point for stress analysis problem. The FieldPointSA object is based on the general FieldPoint object and inherits all its properties and methods. In addition the FieldPointSA object offers some properties specific for the stress analysis problems.

You get the FieldPointSA object in the same way you get the base FieldPoint object. If your problem is stress analysis, each time you get the FieldPoint object, you actually receive its specific version FieldPointSA.

All of the FieldPointSA object's properties are read-only.

Displacement property as Point

The displacement vector.

Strain property as HMatrix

The strain tensor.

Strain3 property as Double

The strain value in the third direction (z-axis for plane-parallel formulation and θ-axis for axisymmetric problems).

Stress property as HMatrix

The stress tensor in (N/m2).

Stress3 property as Double

The stress value in the third direction in (N/m2).

StressVonMises property as Double

Von Mises failure criteria in (N/m2).

StressTresca property as Double

Tresca failure criteria in (N/m2).

StressMohr property as Double

Mohr failure criteria in (N/m2).

StressPrager property as Double

Prager failure criteria in (N/m2).

IndexHill property as Double

Hill failure index for orthotropic materials that have different stress limits for each direction.

Temperature property as Double

The temperature value for coupled thermo-elastic problem formulation.