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FieldQuantities Object




A collection of physical quantity descriptors (both local and integral) applicable to the current problem result.


In ActiveField, you can obtain a FieldQuantities collection as one of the properties of your problemís Result property. These collections provide you with the lists of local and integral physical quantities related to your problem type in general or specific conditions.

Result object provides two properties of FieldQuantities type:

The following FieldQuantities features are common for all ActiveFields collections:

Besides that, starting from version 5.4, the collection FieldQuantities provides methods for adding and removal of its elements:

In the example below removal and adding methods are used to make a collection having two physical units: potential and its gradient absolute value:

Dim coll as QuickField.FieldQuantities
set coll = res.LocalFieldQuantities
coll.Add (qfPotential)
coll.Add (qfGrad)

You can obtain the name of a FieldQuantity object through the value of its Name property.