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LabelBlockES Object




Physical properties of a block for problems of electrostatics.


The LabelBlockES object represents physical data applicable to the block label for electrostatic problems.

When you need to set or modify some physical parameters for the block label, you have to get the LabelBlockES object using the Content property of the Label object, modify the LabelBlockES object using its properties, and then put it back in the Label object assigning your LabelBlockES to the Content property of your Label object.

The LabelBlockES object inherits methods and properties from its base class LabelBlock. In addition, it provides properties specific for electrostatic analysis. Those are:

Kxx (Absolute)

Get and set the components of electric permittivity.
If the optional parameter is False or omitted, the value is considered as a relative permittivity, otherwise as an absolute value.
Absolute values of electric permittivity are measured in (F/m)

Kyy (Absolute)


The value of distributed electric charge density (C/m3).

You always have to set both Kxx and Kyy properties even for isotropic materials. If the Polar property is set to True, the Kxx component is considered as a radial and Kyy - as tangential component of the permittivity tensor.