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LabelEdgeSA Object




Physical properties of an edge for problems of stress analysis.


The LabelEdgeSA object represents physical data applicable to the edge label for the stress analysis problem.

When you need to set or modify some physical parameters for the edge label, you have to get the LabelEdgeSA object using the Content property of the Label object, modify the LabelEdgeSA object using its properties and then put it back in the Label object assigning your LabelEdgeSA to the Content property of your Label object.

LabelEdgeSA object provides a way to specify external surface force applied to the edge and restriction condition. The surface force can be specified by the vector components (ForceX and ForceY) or by the normal pressure (Pressure or PressureLinear). Rigid constraint along the edge is specified by prescribed displacement as a constant (FixedX and FixedY) or a linear function of coordinates (FiexedXLinear and FixedYLinear).

Coordinate components of restraint condition and surface force are treated as polar or Cartesian ones depends upon the value of Polar property.

Here is the complete list of properties that the LabelEdgeSA object provides in addition to the methods and properties from its base class LabelEdge.

FixedX and FixedY

Set and get the known value of prescribed displacement in each direction along the edge as Double in meters (NOT chosen length units).

FixedXLinear and

Set and get the known value of prescribed displacement in each direction along the edge as a linear function on the coordinates (as LinFunc).


Sets and gets the constant normal pressure applied to the edge as Double.


Sets and gets the normal pressure applied to the edge as a linear function on the coordinates (as LinFunc).
Please see the note for the DirichletLinear property in the LabelEdge topic.

ForceX and

Alternatively to Pressure get and set the coordinate components of the force density applied to the edge as Double.


If True defines that coordinate components of the rigid constraint and applied force are considered in polar coordinates instead of the Cartesian ones.

The general LabelEdge's properties take here the following meaning:


Gets the FixedX values, sets both FixedX and FixedY to the same value.


Gets the FixedXLinear values, sets both FixedXLinear and FixedYLinear to the same value.


The same as Pressure property.


Is not applicable to the stress analysis problem and does nothing

All the values what have dimension of length or depend upon length should always be measured in meters. It is unlike of using QuickField graphic user interface, where you submit the length values in chosen length units.

The following example creates a new label "edge1", sets the prescribed displacement for the X-axis and the applied pressure:

Dim lb As QuickField.Label
Set lb = prb.Labels(qfEdge).Add
lb.Name = "edge1"
Dim lbCnt As LabelEdgeSA
Set lbCnt = lb.Content
With lbCnt
    lf.a = 1: lf.b = 2: lf.c = 3
    .DirichletLinear = lf
    lf = .FixedYLinear
    lf.a = 100 + lf.a * 2: lf.b = 200 + lf.b * 2: lf.c = 300 + lf.c * 2
    .FixedYLinear = lf
    lf.a = 1: lf.b = 21: lf.c = 31
    .PressureLinear = lf
End With
lb.Content = lbCnt