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LabelEdgeTV Object




Physical properties of an edge for problems of transient electric field.


The LabelEdgeTV object represents physical data applicable to the edge label for transient electric problems.

When you need to set or modify some physical parameters for the edge label, you have to get the LabelEdgeTV object using the Content property of the Label object, modify the LabelEdgeTV object using its properties, and then put it back in the Label object assigning your LabelEdgeTV to the Content property of your Label object.

The LabelEdgeTV object inherits methods and properties from its base class LabelEdge. Here the LabelEdge's properties take the following meaning:

DirichletEx property
as Variant

Set and get the known value of electric potential U0 at the edge.
The value could be either a number or a formula.

NeumannEx property
as Variant

Sets and gets the value of the tangential component of the normal current density jn
he value could be either a number or a formula.

as Boolean

If True defines the edge as an surface of a isolated conductor that is not penetrated by electric field. The conductor is assumed to have a constant but unknown potential value U=const.