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LabelVertexCF Object




Physical properties of a vertex for problems of DC Conduction.


The LabelVertexCF object represents physical data applicable to the vertex label for DC conduction analysis problems.

When you need to set or modify some physical parameters for the vertex label, you have to get the LabelVertexCF object using the Content property of the Label object, modify the LabelVertexCF object using its properties and then put it back in the Label object assigning your LabelVertexCF to the Content property of your Label object.

The LabelVertexCF object inherits methods and properties from its base class LabelVertex. Here the LabelVertex's properties take the following meaning:

Dirichlet property
as Double

Sets and gets the known value of electric potential U0 at the vertex.

Loading property
as Double

Sets and gets the known value of the external current at the vertex.

The current density specified at a point of the XY-plane corresponds to a knife-edge current collector, which is perpendicular to the plane of the model, and is described by the linear current density. In the axisymmetric case, the vertex source represents a circular collector around the axis of symmetry or a point collector located on the axis. To incorporate both these cases, a total current value is associated with the vertex. For the circular knife-edge collector the total current value is connected with its linear density by the relationship I = 2πr·σ.