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LabelVertexSA Object




Physical properties of a vertex for problems of stress analysis.


The LabelVertexSA object represents physical data applicable to the vertex label for the stress analysis problems.

When you need to set or modify some physical parameters for the vertex label, you have to get the LabelVertexSA object using the Content property of the Label object, modify the LabelVertexSA object using its properties and then put it back in the Label object assigning your LabelVertexSA to the Content property of your Label object.

The LabelVertexSA object provides a way to specify an external concentrated force applied to the vertex, constrain conditions, and an elastic support.

Coordinate components of the constraint condition and surface force are treated as polar or Cartesian ones depends upon the value of Polar property.

Here is the complete list of properties that the LabelVertexSA object provides in addition to the methods and properties from its base class LabelVertex.

FixedX and
>> FixedY properties
as Double

Set and get the value of prescribed displacement in each direction at the vertex in the meters (NOT in chosen length units).

ForceX and
ForceY properties
as Double

Sets and gets the coordinate components of the concentrated force vector applied to the vertex in (N).

SpringSupportX and SpringSupportY properties
as Spring

Set and get the parameters of spring support in each direction.