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Links Object




Collection of links to the coupled problem.


The Links collection contains all the Link objects, describing the coupling link from the problem to another problem. The Links collection is accessible by the Links property of the Problem object. The Links collection provides methods to adding new Link objects to the collection and to removing from it. It also provides a property showing if any type of coupling link is allowed for the problem.

The Links collection provides the following properties and methods:

Item (index as Variant)
method as Link

Retrieves the Link object from the collection by its index.
As index parameter you can use one-based number of the Link in the collection or one of the following text strings:
     "Electrostatic forces",
     "Magnetic forces",
     "Temperature field",
     "Generated heat"

Count property as long

Returns the number of Link objects in the collection.

Parent property as Problem

Returns the parent Problem object that contains the links.

Add (linkType as QfLinkTypes,
targetName as String)
method as Link,

Adds a new coupling link to the problem links collection. When adding a new link you specify the type of new link, and the name of the problem file that the link refers to. Unlike the type, targetName can be changed later.
Use the fully qualified file path name until you file located in the default folder.

AddEx (linkType as QfLinkTypes,
targetName as String,
targetTime as double)
method as Link,

Does the same as the Add method.
The targetTime parameter specifies selected time layer in a solution of the referred problem when the latest is non-stationary one.

Remove (index as Variant)

Removes the coupling link denoted by the index parameters.
Please refer to the Item method description for more details about using various types of index value.

LinkAllowed property as Boolean

Returns True if the problem can contain links to other problems.

Please see the code example in the How To: Work with a Problem topic.