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ModelWindow Object




The window where a geometric model is open.


The ModelWindow object represents the geometry editor window. It is derived from the Window object and inherits all its methods and properties. In addition the ModelWindow object offers the Zoom method of zooming the picture in the window and the ViewDetails property allows you to get and set flags controlling the model picture details.

Zoom method

Allows you to magnify and diminish the model picture.
The two parameters as Point gives the upper-left and lower-right corners of the rectangle you want to be magnified to the whole window.
If only one input point is given, it becomes in the center of the window and the picture is magnifies about twice.
If no one input parameter is given, the picture is set to see the whole model.

(which as QfModelView) property as Boolean

Gets or sets one of the flag (as Boolean) that controls the model picture details.
The which parameter as QfModelView constant denotes the flag, which value you want to read or set.