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OscillatedValue Object




Represents a physical quantity that varies with time as a sum of constant value and a double frequency harmonic function.


The OscillatedValue object is used with time-harmonic magnetic problems for representing such integral physical values as mechanical torque, power of Joule losses in a volume, or a magnetic energy in a volume. Formally, such quantities is calculated as an integral of a product of two complex quantities or as a scalar product of two complex vectors. The result is a function that varies with time as a sum of constant value and a double frequency harmonic function.

With these quantities, we most often want to know the time average value and sometimes we also need to know the amplitude of oscillation. Accordingly, the OscillatedValue object provides two read-only properties:

Average property as Double

Returns a time average value of the oscillated quantity.

Oscillated property as Double

Returns a magnitude of the oscillated part of the value.


There is no method or property that returns the OscillatedValue object. When calculating an integral value with the GetIntegral method, you get a value of the wrapper type Quantity. If you know in advance that the real type of the integral value is an OscillatedValue, then you can manually cast it to the desired type.

Dim res As QuickField.Result
Set q = res.GetIntegral(qfInt_Power)    ' Get the Joule losses power
Dim qval As OscillatedValue
Set qval = q.Value   ' converting the value to the OscillatedValue type
PAverage = qval.Average