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QuickField Object Model

Application Object Problem Object Collection Windows Window Object SolvingState Object Collection Links
DataDoc Object Collection Labels Collection Labels Collection Labels LabelBlockES Object LabelEdgeES Object LabelVertexES Object LabelBlockCF Object LabelEdgeCF Object LabelVertexCF Object LabelBlockEC Object LabelEdgeEC Object LabelVertexEC Object LabelBlockTV Object LabelEdgeTV Object LabelVertexTV Object LabelBlockMS Object LabelEdgeMS Object LabelVertexMS Object LabelBlockHE Object LabelEdgeHE Object LabelVertexHE Object LabelBlockHT Object LabelEdgeHT Object LabelVertexHT Object LabelBlockSA Object LabelEdgeSA Object LabelVertexSA Object Spline Object Elast Object Vector3D Object Spring Object LinFunc Object
Model Collection Shapes Collection ShapeRange Grid ModelWindow Shape Block Edge Vertex
CircuitDoc Object Collection Devices
Collection Results Collection FieldQuantities FieldWindow Object XYPlotWindow Object TableWindow Object TimePlotWindow Object TimeTableWindow Object Quantity Object FieldPoint Object FieldPointES Object FieldPointCF Object FieldPointEC Object FieldPointTV Object FieldPointHE Object FieldPointTE Object FieldPointSA Object FieldPicture Object PlotPicture Object TimePlotPicture Object Contour Object Collection Coloumns Collection Rows CircuitResult Object Collection Devices
Point Object HMatrix Object DMatrix Object ComplexValue Object ComplexVector Object ExportSettings Object Rectangle Object