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SolvingState Object




Status of asynchronous solving process.


The SolvingState object represents the dialog box appearing while the solution process is running. The SolveProblem method returns the SolvingState object if it is called with the NoWait parameter as True. In this case the SolveProblem method starts solving in a separate asynchronous process and returns control to the caller immediately.

You can watch for the solution process using properties of the SolvingState object until its IsActive property returns True.

IsActive property as Boolean

Returns True if the solution process is still running.
Becomes FALSE when solution finishes or is aborted.

Visible property as Boolean
(read and write)

Returns and sets the visibility state of the problem solution dialog box.

InnerIteration property as Long

Returns the current conjugate gradients (CG) iteration number.

InnerEstimation property as Long

Returns the estimated number of (CG) iteration needed.

OuterIteration property as Long

Returns the current Newton's iteration number.

Elapsed property as Long

Returns the elapsed time in seconds.

Stage property as QfSolvingStage

Returns the current stage of solution process.

StageDescription property as String

Returns the description of the current stage of solution process. It is almost the same text that is displayed in the "problem solving" dialog.

Abandon method

Cancels the solution process.