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TimePlotPicture Object




Contains properties that control the plot versus time in a TimePlotWindow.


The TimePlotPicture object contains properties that control the field presentation in an TimePlotWindow. You can consider TimePlotPicture as a programmatic analog of the Time Plot Curves dialog box. To modify the picture you have to get a TimePlotPicture object by the PlotSettings property, set the desired values to its properties and then put it back in the TimePlotWindow object.

Time plot depicts field quantity at one or more points in the model. The TimePlotPicture object maintains the TimePlotPoints collection of the TimePlotPoint objects. The collection provides the Add and Remove methods for adding and removing points. In its turn, the TimePlotPoint object allows to control individual curves.

Each curve represents one field quantity. The quantities are joined in a few groups according to the units of measure. Only curves belonging to the same group can be drawn in the TimePlotWindow simultaneously. The Group property let us choose the desired group for displaying.

The TimePlotPicture object is based on the PlotPicture object that is familiar you in conjunction with the XYPlotWindow. It inherits all the methods and properties of the base class and in addition provides following properties:

Points property
as TimePlotPoints
(read only)

Returns the collection of points where field quantities are plotted.

property as QfXY
(read and write)

Defines whether scale of X and Y axes should be recalculated automatically to best fit the time and quantities range.
If you set the range manually using the RangeX or RangeY of the base PlotPicture object, the range will be kept until you change the AutoScale property.