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TimeTableWindow Object




The window where field quantities versus time are tabulated.


TimeTableWindow object represents a postprocessor's time dependency table for transient problems.

The TimeTableWindow object is derived from the general Window object and inherits all of its methods and properties. All the TimePlotWindow objects are members of the Windows collection that is accessible by the Windows property of the Result object.

To get the TimeTableWindow you use the GetTimeTable method of Result object. If the TimeTableWindow is already opened, GetTimeTable method returns the existing TimeTableWindow.

The TimeTableWindow shows all the field quantities for one point in a model versus time. You can set the point of interest when creating the TimeTableWindow as a parameter of the GetTimeTable method and change it in any time by the Point property.

Each quantity's value are presented in a separate column. There is no way to remove one or several column. Each time moment is presented by one row. The number of rows is equal to the number of stored time layers (see timing parameters of the Problem object). You can get all the time values by TimesArray property of the Result object.

In addition to the properties and methods inherited from the base Window class, the TimeTableWindow provides a Select method for selecting one or more rows, and a GetData method that puts the selected rows to a Windows clipboard.

Select (from As Variant,
to as Variant) method

Selects one or several rows in a table. The first and the last selected rows are denoted by the from and to parameters correspondingly. You can index the rows by its number or by a time value.
If parameters are omitted all the rows will be selected.

GetData property
(read only)

Puts the selected rows (text or text with separators) to the clipboard.

Point property as Point

Gets and sets the point of interest, where the field values are calculated. If the point is situated outside the model the table becomes empty.