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FieldPointHE Object




Local field data for AC magnetic problem.


The FieldPointHE object represents field data in the given point for the AC magnetic (time-harmonic) problem. The FieldPointHE object is based on the general FieldPoint object and inherits all its properties and methods. In addition the FieldPointHE object offers some properties specific for time-harmonic magnetic problems.

The FieldPointHE object also provides friendly names for properties of the base FieldPoint object.

You get the FieldPointHE object in the same way you get the base FieldPoint object. If your problem is the AC magnetic, each time you get the FieldPoint object, you actually receive its specific version FieldPointHE.

For time-harmonic problems, almost all field quantities are time varying with the field frequency or double field frequency. When you are using the base FieldPoint object, you always get a scalar value. It can be one of the following: peak (amplitude) value, root mean square (effective) value or momentary value at the given phase. The read-write Mode property chooses between those three variants. The phase for momentary value is set by the Phase property of the FieldPicture object.

Properties of the FieldPointHE object returns complex values that represent not only the peak or momentary value of the quantity, but completely describe the time behavior of the quantity. Please note that some field quantities depend on the time as a sinusoid of the problem frequency whereas others vary with double frequency and have non-zero average value.

All of the FieldPointHE object's properties except Mode are read-only.

MagnPotential property as ComplexValue

The vector magnetic potential in (Wb/m).

FluxDensity property as ComplexVector

The magnetic flux density vector in (T).

FieldIntensity property as ComplexVector

The magnetic field intensity vector in (A/m).

ElectroPotential property as ComplexValue

The scalar electric potential applied or arises on the ends of the conductor in (V).

Jtotal property as ComplexValue

Current density in (A/m2).

Jeddies property as ComplexValue

Eddy component of the current density in (A/m2).

Jsource property as ComplexValue

Source (applied) current density in (A/m2).

Conductivity property as Double

Electrical conductivity of material in (S/m)

Losses property as Double

Specific power of Joule losses in (W/m3). The Losses property returns peak, RMS, or momentary value depending upon the Mode property.

Temperature property as Double

The temperature value used to calculate the electrical conductivity of the material.