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Rows Object




Collection of rows in the TableWindow.


The Rows collection of TableRow objects contains all the rows in the TableWindow. It is accessible by the Rows property of the TableWindow object. The Rows collection's methods and properties allow you to iterate through the rows, tabulate the contour with a given step or a number of rows, add a separate row with a specified distance from the contour starting point, and select and remove rows.

As any collection the Rows has a Count property that returns the total number of rows in the table, and the Item method returns the desired TableRow from the collection. Using the Item method you can index a row by its serial number. The Item is a default method of the Rows collection, so its can be simply omitted.

The Rows collection provides the following methods and properties:

Iterate through the rows

Item (index as Long)
method as TableRow

Returns the TableRow by its one-based number.

Count property as Long.

Returns the number of rows in the table.

Add, select, and remove rows

Add (distance as Integer) method as TableRow.

Obsolete. This version adds a new TableRow with given integer value of the distance or returns an existing one.

AddD (distance as Double) method as TableRow.

Adds a new TableRow with given distance or returns an existing one.

TabulateStep (step as Double,
ends as Boolean) method.

Adds new rows to the table by tabulating the contour with a given step. The ends flag, if given, forces the inclusion of the ends of contour segments to the table.

TabulateNumber (number as Double,
eachSegment as Boolean]) method.

Adds new rows to the table by tabulating the contour with a given number of points. The eachSegment flag, if given, specifies that each contour segments will be tabulated with a number points.

Select (from as Variant,
to as Variant) method.

Selects a range of rows. If no parameters are specified it selects the entire table

Remove () method as Long.

Removes the selected rows from the table. The method returns the number of removed rows.

The following example tabulates the contour with 100 points, then selects and removes rows from 15th to 85th and adds a row at a distance as 20.5:

Dim res As QuickField.Result
Dim cont As QuickField.Contour
Dim table As QuickField.TableWindow
Dim col As QuickField.TableColumn
Set table = res.GetTable(cont)
    ' Build a table of 100 rows
table.Rows.TabulateNumber 100
    ' Select unnecessary rows
table.Rows.Select 15, 85
   ' and remove it
    ' add the row with distance as 20.5 mm 
table.Rows.Add 20.5