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TableRow Object




Represents a row in the TableWindow.


The TableRow represents the row in the TableView. Each TableRow is a member of the Rows collection. The row corresponds to a point on a contour and is defined by the point, the unit normal vector to the contour and the field values in the point. You can use the normal vector to calculate normal and tangential components of vector field quantities.

The TableRow has the following attributes:

Selected property as Boolean
(read and write)

Returns and sets the selection state of the row.

Point property as Point.

Returns a point in the corresponding row as a Point object.

Distance property as Double.

Returns the distance between the row's point and the contour starting point.

Normal property as Point.

Returns a unit vector that is normal to the contour in the point.

Value property as FieldPoint.

Returns field quantities in the point as a FieldPoint.

Parent property as TableWindow

Returns a table that the row belongs to.

The following example adds a row to the table and calculates normal and tangential components of the heat flux density:

Dim row As QuickField.TableRow
Dim val As QuickField.FieldPoint
Dim fluxNormal As Double, fluxTangent As Double
Dim norm As QuickField.Point

Set row = table.Rows.Add(20.5)
Set val = row.Value
Set norm = row.Normal
fluxNormal = val.KGrad.X * norm.X + val.KGrad.Y * norm.Y
fluxTangent = val.KGrad.X * norm.Y - val.KGrad.Y * norm.X