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AddBlock Method

Applies to


Adds a model block to the contour. The desired block might be pointed by its labelName, by the nearest point, or both.


Contour.AddBlock (
  [labelName As String],
  [nearPoint As Point]
) As Boolean


[in] String
[in] Point


The AddBlock method adds a block of geometric model to the Contour.

The same rules as with interactive editing are applied to the block adding: the AddBlock method considers the current closed contour as a border of the plane region and updates that region by adding a block of the model in the sense of set theory.

The desired block might be pointed by its label name specified by the labelName parameter, by the nearest point (the nearPoint parameter), or both.

If no parameters is given or there is some ambiguity, the first suitable block found is used.

Unlike the interactive editing, adding the block that is already included to contour does nothing. To exclude a block from the contour a special method DeleteBlock should be used.