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AddEdge Method

Applies to


Adds a new edge to the model.


Shapes.AddEdge (
   Start As Point,
   End As Point,
  [angle As Double]
) As ShapeRange
Contour.AddEdge (
  [labelName As String],
  [nearPoint As Point]
) As Boolean


[in, optional] Point
[in, optional] Point
[in, optional] Double
[in, optional] String
[in, optional] Point


There are two different objects that provide an AddEdge method: Shapes and Contour. The first one creates a new edge in the geometric model, and the second adds an edge to the contour used for plotting or integration.

Adding an edge to the geometric model.

The AddEdge method of the Shapes collection creates a new edge in the geometric model. If the starting or ending vertices do not exist they are created as well. The result of creating a new edge could be different depending on whether the created edge intersects with other edges or vertices in the model. When latter is the case, a group of adjacent edges on the same line or arc are created. So, the result returned by the AddEdge method is always a ShapeRange collection that can be empty or contain one or more edges.

The Start and End parameters of the Point type specifies starting and ending points of the edge. The optional parameter Angle if zero (by default) specifies a line segment. Otherwise, if non-zero, Angle is the central angle of the arc in radians.

Adding an edge to the contour.

The AddEdge method of the Contour object adds an edge to the contour. You can initiate the contour by any arbitrary edge, but only adjacent edges are accepted later. The edge cannot be added to the closed contour, or if the ending point of the contour does not currently coincide with modelís vertex.

The edge to being add can be specified either by its label name, or by coordinates of the near point, or both.

If only label name is specified by the labelName parameter, the first suitable edge with given name (if any) will be added to the contour. If you specify only the near point by the nearPoint parameter, QuickField will search through all edges suitable for adding to find the nearest one to the point specified.

If both labelName and nearPoint are specified, the minimal distance criterion will be used to resolve possible ambiguity among the edges with a given label.