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Device Object




The element of electric circuit


The object Device represents properties of an electric circuit element.

The Device may be obtained as an element of the Devices collection , using the element name (label) or serial number as an index. Connecting wires are not included into the collection Devices. The collection Devices in turn may be obtained by one of two following ways:

  1. Devices property of the CircuitDoc object (circuit schema editing mode);
  2. Devices property of the CircuitResult object (calculation results viewing mode).

Several properties of the object Device may be naturally divided into two groups. First group include properties which return/set the type, name and parameter of the circuit element:

These properties are writable if the element collection was received from the object CircuitDoc, i.e. this is related to the circuit schema editing. If the element collection was received from the CircuitResult object, i.e. in the result analysis mode, then change of the property values for the first group will have no effect. But in this case the object Device will return non-zero (in the common case) values of the current and voltage in the element:

These properties of the object Device are of type ComplexValue. In case of the transient electromagnetic problem solution where the currents and voltages are real numbers, sought quantities are real parts of the corresponding complex values (property Re), and imaginary parts (property Im) are equal to zero.