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FieldPointTE Object




Local field data for transient magnetic problem.


The FieldPointTE object represents a field data in the given point for the transient electromagnetic problem. The FieldPointTE object is based on the general FieldPoint object and inherits all its properties and methods. In addition the FieldPointTE object offers some properties specific for a problem of transient electromagnetic.

You get the FieldPointTE object in the same way you get the base FieldPoint object. If your problem is transient electromagnetics, each time you get the FieldPoint object, you actually receive its specific version FieldPointTE.

All properties of the FieldPointTE are read-only.

Conductivity property as Double

Electrical conductivity of material in (S/m)

Jtotal property as Double

Returns current density in (A/m2).

JEddies property as Double

Returns eddy component of the current density in (A/m2).

Jsource property as Double

Returns source (applied) current density in (A/m2).

Losses property as Double

Returns specific power of Joule losses in (W/m3).

Temperature property as Double

The temperature value used to calculate the electrical conductivity of the material.