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GetBitmap Method

Applies to


Puts the DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) formatted picture on the clipboard. Input parameters specify the size and the color depth of the bitmap.


Object.GetBitmap (
   pictureWidth As Long,
   pictureHeight As Long,
   colorDepth As qfBitmapColorMode )


[in, optional] Long
[in, optional] Long
[in, optional] qfBitmapColorMode


Parameters pictureWidth and pictureHeight define the user area of the window, i.e the final size of the image.

Both should be positive. Current size of the user area used in case of invalid settings definition

Parameter qfBitmapColorMode defines the color depth of the image (number of bites per pixel). Only color depth not requiring the palette is supported now, i.e.. qf_HighColor, qf_TrueColor, or qf_TrueColorAlpha.

In case of success the function GetBitmap puts the raster image, related to the window content, into the windows clipboard. Please, take into account that the clipboard is a common system resource, and its content may be replaced by other programs on the user initiative..