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CircuitDoc Object




The electric circuit description document


The CircuitDoc object is the document containing an electric circuit schema. It is a member of the collection of Documents type, which is accessible through the property CircuitDocs of the Application. This collection contains all the objects CircuitDoc, which are open in QuickField.

It is possible to get the object CircuitDoc, connected to the problem (Problem object), by using the property Circuit of Problem object, if an electric circuit schema was already loaded from the file or created.

Use the method LoadCircuit of the Problem object to load the circuit connected with the problem. To verify whether this problem is connected with an electric circuit it is possible to check the value of IsCircuitCoupled property of the Problem object.

The object CircuitDoc inherits all the methods and properties of the base class Document. In addition the object CircuitDoc provides the property Devices, which returns the collection of all elements of the electric circuit (except wires). Searching through the elements of collection Devices by name or serial number, it is possible to check and set the type, name (label) and parameter values of every element: