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IDocument Object




The base class for documents of all types.


Contains the set of methods and properties that are common for all QuickField document types. You never use the IDocument object immediately. Instead you always get a document of specific type: a Problem document, a DataDoc document, a Model document and a Result object that behave like a Document in some way. These inherit all the IDocument's methods and properties, so you can consider any QuickField document as a Document object unless you do not need any specific properties.

Each IDocument is a member of a Documents collection. To create a new empty document use the Add method of the corresponding collection. The collection's Open method opens an existing document by its file name.

You can get the document's name (Name property), file path (Path property) and the full file name (FullName property), but you cannot set them. To change the document name and/or file path use the SaveAs method. You also have to use the SaveAs method when you save the document for the first time. The Boolean Saved property indicates whether the document was changed since the last save.

Each IDocument object manages the list of document's windows. Get the document's Windows collection using the Windows property. When the document is created or opened it creates the first window. It is accessible as Windows (1). You can create additional windows using the NewWindow method.