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Windows Object




The collection of open MDI-style windows.


A collection of the Window objects in QuickField. The Windows collection for the Application object contains all the windows in the application, whereas the Windows collection for the Document object contains only the windows in the specified document.

Using the Windows Collection

Use the Windows property of the Application object or IDocument object to return the Windows collection. Each QuickField document window is a member of the Windows collection. When you open or create a new document, the first window for it is created automatically. You can use the NewWindow method of a Document object to create another window for the same document. The Window.Close method closes the corresponding window and removes it from the Windows collection. When you close the last document's window, the IDocument is closed automatically.

The Item (index) method of a Windows collection returns a single Window object. Parameter index is the name of the window or one-based number. The Item method is a default method for the Windows collection, so you can omit it and write it as simple:

Windows (1).Close
Windows ("Postprocessing Magn1.pbm").WindowState = qfMinimized

The last string in the above example minimizes the window titled as "Postprocessing Magn1.pbm".

Windows (1) is always the topmost (active) window.

Use the Arrange method for arranging the windows on the screen.