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Model Object




The geometric model document.


Represents a geometric model document. The Model object is a member of the Documents collection, which is available by the Models property of the Application object. That collection contains all the Model objects currently opened in QuickField. You can also get the Model object associated with your Problem using the Model property of the Problem object provided it was loaded from the file or created as a new one. You can use the LoadModel method of the Problem object to load the model associated with the problem.

The Model object inherits all the properties and methods of the generic IDocument class. Please see the IDocument class description to learn how to create a new model document or open an existing one, manage document's windows and other related topics.

Geometric Entities and Collections

The Model document provides a few additional properties to the parent IDocument object. The Shapes property returns the Shapes collection containing all the geometric entities in the model. QuickField operates with three types of geometric entities: a Vertex, an Edge and a Block. They all have some common functionality that is implemented by the base object Shape. So, the Shapes collection contains Shape objects, each of them is Vertex, Edge or Block.

The Shapes collection contains all the geometric entities in the Model. You use its method and properties when you have to do something with all the objects at once. In addition, the Shapes collection provides two methods for creating new edges and vertices.

There is also another type of collection of Shape objects - the ShapeRange collection. Unlike the Shapes collection, it contains only those entities that you decide to join together for some purpose. There are several properties of Shapes or ShapeRange that return the ShapeRange collection of objects meeting some chosen criterion.

Geometric Tolerance

When a new vertex or an edge is added to the model, it might be attracted to the existing edge or vertex if the distance between them is less than the geometric tolerance value. When you edit your model by QuickField graphic user interface, you control the attraction by the Grid settings of your model view. The Model object provides a Grid with the same functionality. It is accessible by the Grid property.