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Boundary Property

Applies to


Returns the sub-collection that includes all blocks.


Object.Boundary (
  [Edges As QfBoundaryEdges]
) As ShapeRange
FieldPicture.Boundary As Boolean


[in] QfBoundaryEdges


The Boundary property has different meaning depending upon the object that the property belongs to. For the FieldPicture object this property sets and returns the flag indicating whether the deformed shape is drawn in the FieldWindow. This property is applicable only for stress analysis problems.

With geometric objects such as Shapes, ShapeRange and Block, the Boundary property is read-only. It returns the ShapeRange collection, contains only Edges. For the Block object the boundary edges of the block are included in the returned collection.

For the collections (Shapes and ShapeRange) outer edges of the whole collection are included to the resulting collection.