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ExportSettings Object




Settings for exporting field into a file.


The ExportSettings object is designed for the parameter setting for export/import of a geometric model, export of finite element mesh and field problem results to the file for data exchange with other programs. To adjust export settings it is needed to get the object ExportSettings using similarly named ExportSettings property, and then change its properties and transfer to the Export method.

Two objects - Model and Result have ExportSettings property, which returns preliminary adjusted object ExportSettings. Any of them may be used, but it is more reasonable to use the same object where the method Export will be called.

There are two main properties of the object ExportSettings

All other properties of the object ExportSettings are used only for export mode ExportMode = qfModeGrid. The properties set corresponds to the fields of the dialog which controls the export of the problem solution results on the rectangular grid. It is possible to define the limits of the rectangular output area, grid steps along X and Y co-ordinates, select binary or text file format and formatting details for columns of the text file.

Example of the finite element mesh export looks like

Set mdl = prb.Model

Set expSet = mdl.ExportSettings
expSet.ExportMode = qfModeMesh
expSet.FilePath = "Magn1_ExportedMesh.txt"
mdl.Export expSet

This example shows the rectangular grid export of the field results with default output area range:

Set res = prb.Result
Set expSet = res.ExportSettings
With expSet
    .FilePath = "_Exported_Grid.txt"
    .ExportMode = qfModeGrid
    .StepX = 1
    .StepY = 0.5
End With

Set qList = res.LocalFieldQuantities
qList.Add (qfPotential)
qList.Add (qfGrad)
qList.Add (qfKGradX)
qList.Add (qfKGradY)

res.Export expSet, qList

Example of the DXF file importing

Set mdl = prb.Model

Set expSet = mdl.ExportSettings
expSet.FilePath = "drawing.dxf"
mdl.Import expSet