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GetCustomIntegralTotal Method

Applies to


Returns the custom integral quantity calculated over the whole model.


Result.GetCustomIntegralTotal (
   function As UserFunction,
   Flags As QfCustomIntegralFlags
) As Quantity


[in, optional] UserFunction
[in, optional] QfCustomIntegralFlags


GetCustomIntegralTotal task is calculation of the physical quantity value by the integration over the cross-section surface or the volune of the whole model. The integrand expression is defined as the custom user-defined function by the UserFunction object.

GetCustomIntegralTotal method unlike the GetCustomIntegral method does not need a contour as a parameter, but integrates over the whole calculation region.

The Flags parameter should be equal to qfOverCrossSect or qfOverVolume. In the first case, the domain of integration is a flat surface that represents a cross-section of the entire model, in the second case - the entire volume of the model.

The returned value has the Quantity type which encapsulates the integrated physical quantity. Actual type of the integral value depends on the user implementation of the UserFunction interface.