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GetValuesArray Method

Applies to


Returns a 2-dimensional array of field quantities along the contour. Each array row corresponds to an intersection of the contour with mesh triangle. The number and set of columns in array is defined by ColumnsArray property.


Contour.GetValuesArray (
   colums As Unknown
) As Unknown


[in, optional] Unknown


Advanced procedures of the finite-element analysis, such as Harmonic Analysis of the spatial field distribution, require complete set of data retrieval by single query. This is provided by the new method GetValuesArray of the Contour object.

The task solved by the method GetValuesArray is walking along the whole contour and memorizing the field values in all the intersections of the contour with finite elements. Whereas the amount of the field data in any point is relatively large, this method has a call parameter array contains the list of coordinates and field values calculated in every point.

Another particularity is the fact that the contour may have discontinuities related to the areas there the field is not calculated. To distinguish break points on every intersection of the contour with the triangular finite element the segment (pairs of starting and ending points) is formed. Therefore, in case the contour crosses the solid array of triangles, almost every point is included twice (as a start an end points).

The method GetValuesArray has input parameter columns, being the array of constants from the enumeration QfQuantity. Quantity and content of the array columns elements correspond to the columns of the table which is returned by the method GetValuesArray after completion. In the capacity of the input array elements it is allowed to use the constants, related to the local field values, supported for specific problem type.

Return value is a three-dimensional array of doubles like Result [i] [j] [k] as Double

Here the first index i means the segment number and varies from 1 to the total number of the triangles crossed by the contour.;
Second index j means the serial number of the field value corresponding to the input array columns. It varies from 1 to the number of elements in the array columns;
Third index may be 1 or 2 depending on the relation to the starting (1) or ending (2) point of the section.