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IntegralFieldQuantities Property

Applies to


Returns the collection of admissible integral field quantities.


Result.IntegralFieldQuantities (
  [cont As Contour]
) As FieldQuantities


[in] Contour


IntegralFieldQuantities property represents the collection of FieldQuantity objects where every object describes one of the physical quantities QuickField can compute analyzing the problem results.

The collection represented by this property contains only integral physical quantities. This means that QuickField calculates the values of quantities in this collection integrating over contour-defined curves, surfaces or volumes.

When you access the IntegralFieldQuantities property without arguments, it represents the collection of all integral quantities related to the resultís problem type. When you access the IntegralFieldQuantities property with a contour argument, the collection contains only the quantities that QuickField can compute integrating over the curve, surface or volume defined by the argument.

Note, that no member of IntegralFieldQuantities collection represents a fixed value. You could rather see it as a set of parameters QuickField uses to compute the value of an integral quantity calculated by integration over the specified contour. To access the quantity values calculated for a member of IntegralFieldQuantities collection, invoke this memberís Calculate method with appropriate arguments.