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Kxx Property

Applies to


Returns/sets X-component of the dielectric permittivity.


Object.Kxx (
  [Absolute As Boolean]
) As Double
Object.Kxx As Double


[in] Boolean


Kxx and Kyy properties return and set a two-component tensor that represents the coefficient in the left part of the Poisson equation. Exact meaning and dimension of these coefficients depends on the problem type as show in the table below:

Kind of Analysis

Kxx/Kyy Coefficients


Electrostatic, AC conduction, Transient electic problems

Dielectric permittivity

F/m if Absolute=True, dimensionless otherwise

DC and AC magnetics problem

Magnetic permeability

H/m if Absolute=True, dimensionless otherwise

DC conduction problem

Electric conductivity

S/m (1/Ohm·m)

Heat transfer problem
(both static and transient)

Thermal conductivity


Stress analysis problem


N/A, see Elasticity property

With problems of magnetostatics or heat transfer, specifying the Kxx/Kyy properties is an alternative to defining permeability or thermal conductivity as a function of field in form of Spline. When you assign a value to the Kxx/Kyy, the corresponded media considered as a linear (field independent) one, and the spline (if any) is discarded. Otherwise, assigning a Spline object to the Spline property, you discard the previously set Kxx/Kyy.

You always have to set values to both Kxx and Kyy properties, even if they are equal.

With problems of electrostatics, AC and DC magnetics Kxx and Kyy properties accept a Boolean parameter Absolute. If the value of True is given, the Kxx/Kyy properties return/set the absolute (in physical units) value rather than relative (dimensionless) one.